Stamped and coloured asphalt, paved by Superior Asphalt in Winnipeg

"Superior Asphalt has done a terrific job on my paving project. Your entire team from sales, project coordination to on-site staff were excellent in communication, professionalism, caring and dedication."

Imprinted Asphalt

Imprinted asphalt is a decorative paving system that uses specially designed imprinted asphalt products to create patterns in new and existing asphalt surfaces. The imprinted surfaces can then be coloured and fortified with a sealer product resulting in a surface that appears like hand laid brick, cobblestone, or slate.

Stamped asphalt can help increase property values for both residential and commercial customers.

Benefits of Imprinted Asphalt:

  • Many patterns available
  • Fast installation
  • The look of interlocking without the time and materials for full reconstruction
  • Custom imprinting (logos or designs)
  • Easily repaired

Coloured Asphalt

Superior Asphalt Paving Company is now pleased to offer coloured asphalt options. Our sealer product is a decorative coating made with acrylic resins to ensure long-term protection from the elements in all climatic conditions. There are several colours available to complement and enhance the pavement and surroundings.

Benefits of Coloured Asphalt:

  • Fast installation
  • Extends life of driveway
  • Resistant to de-icing salt
  • Can apply to asphalt or concrete
  • Custom colouring

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