The Superior Asphalt team

Our History

Superior Asphalt Paving Company Ltd. is a COR certified, locally owned, family-run business that was founded in Winnipeg in 1984 by Guy and Rita Combot.

The firm started with four dedicated employees, specializing in small asphalt repairs to commercial parking lots. Since then, Superior Asphalt has become a major force in the asphalt field, employing more than 45 people in the spring/summer and 25 staff members in the winter for our commercial snow removal service.

We offer a full suite of services – from new construction, including layout, excavation, compaction, supply and installation of geo-textiles, base course, aluminum edging, to crack and joint sealing, seal coating, pothole and sinkhole repair and asphalt overlays. Superior Asphalt’s experienced crews can successfully pave and repair pathways, shoulders, driveways, parking lots, roadways, City of Winnipeg approaches and sports courts.

In the winter our business turns from creation to removal. We clear snow and ice from over 200 commercial parking lots, malls and shopping centres. Through the years, services have expanded to include mechanical sanding of parking lots on a 24-hour basis, the supply of sand/salt mixtures and custom -screened granite delivered in barrels. Once the snow melts, we provide spring cleaning services, including line painting and power sweeping of parking lots.

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