Stamped and coloured asphalt on a new driveway in Winnipeg

By Marvin Streick, Estimator

“I don’t want a plain black parking lot”, is a very common buiness owner’s vent when discussing an asphalt parking lot. Black or black does not have to be the only option unless you were buying a Model T Ford in 1909. Today you could have a blue driveway with a pattern stamped into the asphalt in Winnipeg, something our parents’ generation of business owners certainly didn’t dream was possible.

We at Superior Asphalt Paving researched and sourced the products as well as the process of stamping and colouring asphalt. This has now become a product we offer to those who want a more decorative look to their asphalt driveway or parking lot. Old-fashioned restaurants can bring that retro dining experience from the outset with a beautiful paving stones look for a fraction of the cost!

Stamping asphalt is done by pressing a 3/8” cable pattern into new hot asphalt or reheating existing asphalt. We offer many patterns, such as: random stone, herringbone brick, cobblestone or slate. Plus, house numbers can be stamped and coloured at the entrance to a driveway.

Whether it is plain or stamped asphalt, the color of your choice can be applied to the surface. The coloured coating is an acrylic with an epoxy additive, which is fast drying and UV resistant for colour retention. As a bonus, the driveway sealer coating has a fine grit, giving it a slip-resistant feature.

Yes, you can have your colour and seal it too! The coloured coating seals in the vital oils of the asphalt, preventing degradation as well as protecting it from spills and oil leaks. Concrete can also be colour coated reducing the spalling and surface deterioration.

Stamping and colouring has been used on asphalt parking lots often to produce a decorative accent, such as a section or sidewalk leading to the front entrance of an office. Other commercial applications include walkways at industrial locations for safety. I have been to cities where crosswalks consist of stamped and coloured asphalt. This is a growing trend with unlimited applications to beautify commercial parking lots and other spaces.

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