The Superior Asphalt team edging before laying a new driveway in Winnipeg

By Marvin Streick, Estimator

 At Superior Asphalt Paving in Winnipeg we certainly do have an edge.

Kidding aside, we offer a protective aluminum edge curbing installed just prior to the asphalt installation.

The edging has a 90-degree angle which allows for 10” spikes to anchor it into the aggregate base. Once the asphalt is installed on the edge it is permanently in place. The aluminum edge is generally used on a residential asphalt driveway or commercial properties where the visual presentation is important.

Asphalt traditionally would have a bevelled edge which can be inconsistent. The installation of the aluminum edge gives an asphalt driveway or parking lot a uniform 90-degree edge, which is the same thickness as the rest of the area. This is one of the reasons why people like concrete - it has a consistent edge that allows for landscaping right up to the driveway or sidewalk. Yes, we do a lot of concrete driveway work in Winnipeg, but asphalt costs approximately 60% of the price of concrete and makes it a very appealing option. Adding aluminum edging gives the asphalt project the uniform and finished look of concrete.

Part of what makes aluminum so appealing is that it is bendable, allowing for a curved design of asphalt sidewalks and driveways. There are no design limitations with aluminum edging!

On a practical side, the edging helps to contain the asphalt during the installation compaction as well as protecting from vehicles driving on the edge. As well, It’s important to note that aluminum edging is tight to your asphalt, with no issues resulting for thaw in the spring.

It is a beautiful thing giving driveways street appeal as well as having many beneficial and practical qualities.

If you are considering an asphalt driveway we would love you to view projects we have completed with aluminum edging.

Contact Superior Asphalt at 204.254.3737 or online here to learn more about aluminum edging as part of your asphalt project in Winnipeg.

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