The Superior Asphalt team builds a new residential walkway in Winnipeg

By Kelly Combot, Commercial Estimator, Marketing Manager

Spring is here and it is quickly becoming that time of year again renovation season.

Yes friends, it’s time to reorganize our closets and pantries and refresh our home, as a sign that we have survived the dreaded Manitoba winter. As we come out of hibernation, we start to notice thing around our home that may need attention. Conversations (both consciously and in our sleep) include comments such as, “that paint is really not in style anymore,” “our hydro bill was crazy this winter, we need new windows!” or even, “We need our asphalt driveway repaired! Call Superior Asphalt right now!”

So now the search begins for driveway contractors in Winnipeg. To choose your contractor properly, consider these steps in your process:

  1. Get 3 to 4 quotes – This will help you to get a better idea of price accuracy and learn the different options that are available.

  2. Ask for references – By checking their past work, this will give you insight into how your project may look upon completion.

  3. Read reviews – The more reviews a company has, the better. Although negative reviews can happen, what matters is how the company handles it. For example, look on Facebook pages to see how a company responds to a complaint. You can also connect with the Better Business Bureau in Winnipeg for their ratings.

I hope this helps! Home renovations are a large investment and it can be scary deciding who is the best person/company to take on your project.

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